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ITIL 4 Foundation Course

ITIL 4 Foundation Course

The ITIL® 4 Foundation course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of IT Service Management. You will learn how IT professionals create value with a powerful operating model for the creation, delivery and improvement of IT-related services.

Simulations for Team-building

Marslander ITSM Simulation

Marslander ITSM Simulation

Nudge your team culture in the right direction through a playful and thought-provoking exploration of ITIL 4 principles and practices.

The Marslander ITSM Simulation is a one day educational workshop, available in your office, or online.

DevOps Simulation

DevOps Simulation

Cultivate a DevOps culture by experimenting with the desirable attitudes and behaviours of an integrated, high-performance IT team.

Based onThe Phoenix Project novel, this is a one day educational workshop, available in your office, or online.

Built for Learning & Growth

Learn by Doing

Learn valuable skills with practical and challenging assignments.


Intuitive interface designed to keep you focused on the content.

Case Studies

Learn how other people succeeded (and failed) with real-world stories.

Lifetime Access

No course expiry. Study when it suits your scheduling and life demands.

Support for Corporate Learning

Group Study

Improve knowledge retention by inviting your team to learn together in a private group environment.

Progress Reports

Track the progress of your team members with a comprehensive reporting module.

Outcomes based

Focused on helping you solve your specific management challenges through customised exercises.

Take Control

Purchase a bulk package and assign courses to your team members as required.

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