Assessments provide a methodical approach to uncovering and understanding the current state.

A good assessment consists of thought-provoking questions.

We have a developed a variety of web-based questionnaires which help us to understand your landscape.

Process Maturity

A Process Maturity Assessment is designed to analyse the maturity of one or more processes in order to develop an effective improvement plan.

Training Effectiveness

This assessment questions delegates 6 months after a training event to assess what benefits have emerged from the training. This is a useful feedback loop to HR to understand whether training truly has a Return-on-Investment.

Change Readiness

A Change Readiness assessment determines whether a department is collectively in the right emotional state to embark on a Change Programme. It is also designed to uncover pockets of resistance to change.

Application Quality

To understand the user perception of applications in the Application Portfolio, which is then used to develop a strategy of balanced investment in new and current applications.