Incident Management Workshop

Our Good Practice Workshops are designed to help IT leaders to accelerate the adoption of internationally-accepted best practice within their departments. These workshops follow a strong systems-thinking approach.

The focus of Incident Management is to rapidly restore service to customers after an outage. It is a set of practices which offers a wealth of opportunities to improve the quality of services that customers use.


If you’re struggling with the following symptoms, you’re likely to have an underperforming Incident Management process:

  • Long turnaround times to resolving customer issues
  • Poor customer satisfaction


This workshop is designed to help you adopt and adapt service management best practices within your team. You are likely to see the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in major service outages
  • Significant reduction in the number and frequency of outages
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Workshop Structure

Module 1. Incident Management Theory
In this module, we will explore the spectrum of best-practice guidance from ITIL, COBIT, DevOps and ISO20000. This has the effect of levelling-up all stakeholders knowledge in both terminology and thinking patterns.
2 hours
Module 2. Measure the current state
In this module, we will:
– identify and document your pain points
– do a high-level process maturity assessment (50-60 points checklist)
– evaluate your process documentation
– evaluate your policy documentation
4 hours
Module 3. Define the future state
– Define Roles & Responsibilities
– Create SOP for creating a change
– Create a standardised process for Incidents
– Create a standardised process for Major Incidents
– Define Incident Categories
– Define Incident Models
– Create SOP for logging and and assessing Incidents
– Determine prioritisation matrix for Incidents
– Stakeholder Analysis
– Communication Plan
– Nudge Strategy for Behaviour Change
8 hours
Module 4. Service Improvement Plan
– Identify additional opportunities for improvement
– Prioritise and allocate improvements to individuals
– Insert all assigned tasks to Service Improvement Plan
2 hours
Incident Management Workshop16 hours


This Incident Management Workshop will ensure that key stakeholders are involved in the design, implementation and rollout of Incident Management as a practice.

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