One of the consistent complaints from C-level executives, is the lack of alignment between IT and business, along with a lack of transparency and a service delivery-oriented culture.

The ITIL 4™ Framework is the most well-known collection of best practices for IT, which provides guidance on increasing value, aligning to customer demands, and improving the quality of services.

The Marslander ITSM Simulation is a 1-day workshop which provides a playful environment for participants to experiment with the methods and techniques of IT Service Management. This simulation is particularly helpful if you're trying to persuade your team members to adopt best practices in their day-to-day work environment.

Team Building Exercise

This one-day workshop is an ideal team-building exercise to illustrate the desirable professional habits and practices for IT Professionals. It delivers a number of familiar, real-world challenges and allows your team to experiment with different approaches to solving these problems.

Participants will learn about the philosophies underpinning modern IT Service Management, and discover how collaboration and sharing knowledge leads to high performance results.

Pricing Options


Online workshop

Delivered online, 7-8 participants


On-site workshop

Delivered in-person, at your premises. 10-12 participants

  • Delivered in-person, at your premises
  • Excludes travel & accommodation if delivered outside of Cape Town, South Africa

Corporate Enquiries

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Preferential Procurement: BBB-EE Level 1 (135%).