Better Boundaries

R750R3250 VAT incl.

  • Have you ever felt that a certain someone just reaches in and presses all your buttons?
  • Do you find yourself triggered by certain behaviour, or people?
  • Are you overwhelmed, overworked and always missing deadlines?

Chances are, you have weak boundaries. The concept of boundaries are well known in the psychology field.

Learning Options

We provide two learning options to help you through this programme:

  • Self Study (4 hours worth of lectures, and downloadable resources)
  • 8-Week Workshops, which includes all the downloadable resources

8-Week Programme

By enrolling in the 8-week Programme , you will embark on an extended conversation with a small group of people who are on the same journey. During this time, you will learn (and practice) how to establish healthy boundaries and take control of your time and emotional energy.

Roadmap to Better Boundaries

In this programme, you will learn:

  • What a boundary is
  • Why setting boundaries is critical if you want to foster healthy relationships
  • How to discover your own boundaries
  • What to do when you don’t know what your boundaries are
  • The secret to saying no gracefully, but firmly
  • How to deal with the internal discomfort of saying No
  • How to deal with people who resist your boundaries


Better Boundaries
R750R3250 VAT incl.