Change Management Workshop

R27500 VAT incl.

Our Good Practice workshops are structured micro-consulting engagements where we help you Adopt and Adapt internationally-accepted best practices to your environment. These workshops are aimed at the key stakeholders who want to accelerate the adoption of ITIL and COBIT practices.

Typical Symptoms

  • Too many unauthorized or emergency changes
  • Unnecessarily frequent deployments
  • Long change turnaround time
  • Deployments that require too much manual effort
  • Failed deployments
  • Deployments that require re-work
  • Change-related incidents that impact service
  • Low user satisfaction

Benefits of Adopting Change Management

  • Fewer service disruptions
  • Lower cost of change
  • Faster change turnaround time
  • Faster response to requests for new and enhanced functionality
  • Higher rate of deployment success
  • Less post-implementation re-work
  • Fewer “surprise” changes disrupting productivity
  • Higher user satisfaction



Change Management Workshop
R27500 VAT incl.