The Bootcamp Series

In this collection of pragmatic courses, service management expert Louis Stanford will walk you through how to adopt a sensible blend of best-practices within your department. Follow along with step-by-step instructional videos to help you craft the policies, process documentation and knowledge artefacts as you go.

The Effective Manager Series is a collection of short courses designed to help Service Managers or Process Managers to become more effective in their decisions and day-to-day activities.

Based on Best Practice Frameworks

These courses are inspired by, and draw on a blend of internationally-proven practices from ITIL, COBIT, ISO/IEC20000, DevOps.

Skill development for new and experienced managers

It is fairly common for IT professionals to be assigned a process-management responsibility without sufficient preparation or training. As a result, a newly-appointed process-manger often falls into the same behaviours and mind-set as the predecessor.

If you truly want to create value by adopting IT Service Management, you should have a sound understanding of the terminology, concepts and principles that underpin the practice.

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